Moomin is one of the characters inside the famous fairy tale story from Finland. Have you ever think of living in the Moomin’s Valley? YES! So, shall we book a flight to Finland as soon as possible? No! Here is another way for you, and it is cheaper and more convenient to access. The Moomin’s Valley is here – one hour by train from Tokyo. This Moomin’s Valley is the only one official theme park outside Finland.

Once you walk into the park, you will see the Moomin’s House immediately.The shape is just so strange that attracts you to it.

Moomin’s House divided into 4 parts including basement, living room, loft, and small dining room. Tourists can visit inside as they like. Let’s experience Moomin’s life together now.

Moomin’s Valley is located in the prefecture of Saitama. It’s takes one hour by train from Tokyo. This theme park is not like Disneyland or Hello Kitty Land in which lots of games and characters around you. On the contrast, Moomin’s Valley keeps everything as simple as it inside the fairy tale. There’s no big Moomin standing at the entrance to welcome you, and what we can see is forest and some architecture in mysterious shape. However, you can really feel you are inside the world of fairy tale, and this is the concept of this theme park.

When you see this bridge, you probably will think of scenes that Snufkin whistling here.

Activity cinema with strange shape again.
img_0891Very suitable for Children to have Fun!

Moomin’s Valley
Address: Azu 893-1, Hanno-city, Saitama
Official Website:
Car Park Fee: Free
Access:Take the  Seibu Ikebukuro line at Ikebukuro, and get off at Motokaji Station (around 45 mins). Then walk around 20mins to the  Moomin’s Valley.

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