Japan is a country with great variety of cuisines and sweets. Green-tea (Macha in Japanese) is one of the most traditional and popular food products. This time we are going to introduce a big chain Macha restaurant named nana’s green tea. There are more than 68 shops around Japan, and at least 17 shops are located in Tokyo. So, whereover you visit in Japan, you got a chance to visit it and have a taste of the real Japanese Green-tea.


The interior design is fully filled with French windows so that the natural lights come in easily, and this make the atmosphere looks more bright and cheerful. The use of white cotton around the restaurant also make customers feeling like dining in a dreamland.


Let‘s take a look on the menu. There are not only desserts, but also with lots of different food that can fill up your stomach, like rice and noodles. The Macha, Japanese tea, or red-beams served here are all produced by nana’s green tea itself, and it is said that all is from Kyoto. That is the reason it is so delicious because Kyoto is recognized as the origin of Macha or Japanese tea. There are at least 10% of foreigner customers visiting nana’s green tea, and most of them is from China or Asia. The menu is also presented in Chinese and Korean. The wide-range of language choice maybe is one of the reason for its popularity too.



The representative of nana’s green tea menu, with green-tea ice-cream, red-beams, brown-rice slice, Japanese soft cake, butter etc. Your mouth should be watering now!

osaka-shopOsaka Shop
kobe-shopKobe Shop

To be Japanese Starbuck”, “To do something that nobody did before in Japan” – this is the concept of the founder of nana’s green tea when it is established in 2003. You may notice that, the interior design for different shop is difference with a fusion of modern and traditional elements. nana’s green tea change the traditional green-tea products to become more modern, and the way it composes the menu, and the spacial representation for the its interior design that make us really looking forward to the development of nana’s green tea around the world in the future.

Address: Tokyo Sky-tree shop – Oshiage 1-1-2, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Open: 1000-2100 (Open hours may vary from different shops, please visit the website for more information or make a phone call before visit.)
Close: None
Phone: 03-5637-8210
Credit Card: ok
Offical Website: http://www.nanasgreentea.com/en/

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