Are you a beer lover? YES! Don’t miss the chance to try over 200 kinds of beers with a low price from 300Yen. Let’s go for the largest Beer Festival in Tokyo and Cheers together.

The beer festival is divided into season 1 and season 2. For season 1 will be held from 19th of Oct to 23rd, and for season is from 26th of Oct to 30th.



You can enjoy over 200 beers in the festival, including beers from Japan, America, Germany, and Belgium etc.

The staff in the festival will explain to you about the information of different kinds of beers.


There are not only beers in the festival, you can enjoy lots of cuisines from different countries too. The theme for the beer festival this year is Beer×Gyoza (dumplings), so you can try different kinds of dumplings in the event. Japanese Gyoza is like soft but little sticky, and the wrapper is very crispy with good smell.

The Oedo Beer Festival held in May this year.



Event Name: Oedo Beer Festvial Autumn 2016

Entrance: Free (Beer price from 300Yen.)

Duration: Season 1: 19th Oct (Wed) – 23rd Oct (Sun),

Season 2: 26th Oct (Wed) – 30th Oct (Sun)

Time: Season 1: 19th 1600〜2200; 20th – 22nd 1100〜2200; 23rd 1100-2000

Season 2: 26th 1600〜2200; 27th – 28th 1300-2200; 29th 1000-2200;

30th 1000-2000

Location: Former Tokyo Denki University

Address: 2-2 Nishiki-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Access: 4 minute walk from exit B7 at Ogawacho Station on the
Shinjuku line, Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the Chiyoda line,
or Awajicho Station on the Marunouchi line. 6 minute walk from
exit A9 at Jinbocho Station on the Mita, Shinjuku or Hanzomon lines.

Official Website (Japanese only):

Contact: contact@oedo-beer-festival.

**People who under 20 years old is not allowed to drink alcohol in Japan**

**People who under 20 years old should come with guardian **


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