Meiji jingu is a shrine located near by Harajuku. There is an big Torii (鳥居) at the entrance, This is one of the things which represents Japan’s large and small shrines. Meiji jingu’s torii is the biggest in Japan and made of (阿里山) Ali Mountain’s wood in Taiwan.


Meiji jingu was established in the November 1, 1920, and the souls of Meiji emperor and his wife empress was dedicated to this shrine. So it is one of the important shrines in Tokyo. There are other 4 shrines in Tokyo including hie Shrine(日枝神社), Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社), Tokyo daijingu (東京大神宮), Ookunitama Shrine (大国魂神社). Meiji jingu covers 70 million square meters, 365 different kinds of trees and trees are from South Korea, Taiwan and also Japan. And These trees were dedicated to Meiji jingu as it had been established. 

800 million people visit Meiji jingu every year especially for New Year‘s day (初詣《visiting a shrine on New Year‘s day》). And 400 million people visit there in 4days from December 31 to January 3. Meiji jingu holds several festivals called Matsuri in Japanese. For instance, Joyasai(除夜祭), New Year festival (新年大祭), the season festival Haru matsuri(春祭) , Aki matsuri(秋祭) , Tanabata matsuri are held at Meiji jingu. Sometimes you might see a traditional Japanese weddings if you are lucky.
8_1_sakuraSakura (Cherry Blossoms)
Meiji jingu
              1-1 sinenchyo, yoyogi, shibuya-ku, tokyo
              ( 1-1 東京都渋谷区代々木神園町).
Phone number: 03  5511 3379
1. Jr yamanote line Yoyogi Station or Harajuku Station
2. Tokyo Metro (東京 メトロ) chiyoda line (千代田線) or Fukutoshin line (副都心線) Meiji jingu Station or kitasando(北參道) station.
3.Toei subway ooedo line (都営地下鉄大江戸線) Yoyogi Station
4.Odakyū Electric Railway odawara line. (小田急電鉄小田原線)   Jinngubashi (神宮橋) Station

The opening time is different depending on sunset and sunrise time (winter is about by 16:00, summer is about by 18:00 ). December 31 to 1 January is open 24 hours.
Admission fee: free

A tresure hall:
Open date: Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
Opening time : November ~ February by 16:00
Phone number : 03 3379 5875
Admission fee :500 yen 

Meiji jingu inner garden(明治神宮内苑):
Opening time: 9:00~16:30(November~February by 16:00 )
Phone number:03-3379-5511
Admission fee:500yen

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