“Here is a park, it is also an art gallery, an oasis that can heal people’s heart”! Most visitors come here have the same feeling! It is called [MOERENUMA PARK].

“MOERENUMA PARK” is locate in Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido. It is an area of 1.88million square meters of wide opening park. The park was designed by world-famous sculptor named Isamu Noguchi, who created the basic design based on the concept of “the whole being a single sculpture.” Hokkaido has the most extensive land area in Japan. Noguchi master is full use of this piece of land. The fountain and hills form many geometric shapes in the expansive grounds, facilities for play equipment an so forth are arranged in an orderly manner, an the landscape can be enjoyed as a fusion of nature and art.


“MOERENUMA PARK” has attractions for all seasons, Cherry bolssoms bloom in the spring, and the fountain and wading pool facilities are open to make for a refreshing Sapporo summer. Fall brings foliage, and you may enjoy cross-country skiing and sledding across the snow-covered landscape during winter.



“MOERENUMA PARK” have 2,300 cherry trees,called “Sakura‘s Forest”.


In addition, the park was converted from a waste treatment plant, and an air-conditioning system was installed in the Glass pyramid, an indoor facility, that uses the natural, region-specific energy of snow.


When Noguchi was young, he was very interested in the concept of “earth sculpture”, “MOERENUMA PARK” can be regarded as the pinnacle of his life. According to his conviction, in the park, including the creation of incombustible waste and waste accumulation of the “MOERENUMA MOUNTAIN”. It also including the use of a large cylinder diameter of 2 meters, combining the earth and sky, which is called “The Triangle Pyramid and the Soil”. As well as the absorption of the blue sky and the green grassland of the glass pyramid-“HIDAMARI” and so on landscape-like works of art.

General Information

Address Moerenuma-koen 1-1, Higashi-ku, Sapporo
Open Throughout the year
Hours 7:00-22:00 (Park entrance closed at 21:00)
Parking Fees Free
Admission Free
Telephone 011-790-1231 (Japanese only)

From JR Sapporo Station to Moerenuma Park

  1. From the subway Toho Line “Kanjo dori higashi” (25-min. ride)
    • Chuo Bus [higashi 69] to “Ainosato kyoikudai eki”, get off at “Moerenuma koen higashiguchi (east entrance)”
    • Chuo Bus [higashi 79] to “Nakanuma Shogakko dori”, get off at “Moerenuma koen higashiguchi (east entrance)”
  2. From subway Namboku Line “Kita sanjuyo jo” / Toho line “Shindo higashi” (30min. / 20min. ride)
    Chuo Bus [Higashi 76] to “Shogakko dori”, get off at “Moerenuma koen Nishiguchi (west entrance)*”
  3. The seasonal bus service to Moerenuma Park in the summer runs to all parts of the city, including “Bus Center”, “Asabu”, and others.

*The west entrance (Nishiguchi) will be closed during snowfall.

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