In 2011, it was voted the top ten most visited Japanese by the foreigners. It is also the fourth hot spring in the world. It is the snow apes hot spring in the Jigokudani of Nagano. For the foreigners, the monkeys are the same as people. Like soak in the hot springs in the heating, is really an incredible trick, and sure enough, we visit Nagano  Jigokudani this day, almost all side of the foreign faces, colored race together in the mountains, holding the camera to shoot non-stop.


Jigokudani Monkey Park, located in Japan Hiroshige Plateau National Park ─Shiga Plateau Yokogawa River, due to the steep cliffs of the local, hot springs everywhere rising heat, the ancient people see this scene called “Jigokudani”, the mountains The place where steaming and the smell of sulfur is named is Jigokudani, Hokkaido has Jigokudani , Kyushu also has Jigokudani. But only within the hot springs of the Nagano mountains Jigokudani, the accident because the wild monkey bubble bath paradise known far and wide, hundreds of thousands of people a year not far from far away to the mountains, to look at a monkey bubble hot springs that lazy comfortable, Blushing red lovely appearance.


“Snow monkey”, this is not the Japanese macaque scientific name, but because the Nagano mountains in the long snow, the total number of about 200 monkeys, wore white snow nest in the hot springs in the bathing appearance, which was name of “snow monkey”. The valley is full of monkeys in the wild Creek in hot springs, monkeys are not afraid.


However, wild monkeys wild still exists, if want to coexist with the monkeys there is a secret.

1. Keep as close as possible to watch the snow monkeys.

2. Do not eyes contact with monkeys, this is a provocation for the monkeys.

3. Do not touch monkeys, monkeys to avoid attacks in order to protect themselves.

4. Do not let snow monkey see you carry food, do not feed monkey food.



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