Ise jingu

Ise Jingu
Ise Jingu is one of the most important shrines in Japan. The shrine is divided into the inner palace (the Great Shrine) and the outer palace (the Great Shrine). Toyouke Great God. Japan’s ancient legend of one of the three artifacts “eight mirror” was also dedicated to this. Since the Meiji Emperor began, during the reign of the emperor will come to visit.


Ise Ancient Street
The ancient street has opened many Japanese-style shops, whether it is special snacks or souvenirs will make you dizzying. There is also a small basket of bamboo, as well as a variety of specialties such as liquor, seafood, tea, etc. and Japanese pubs, snacks, fruit, soy sauce beef.


Mitsui Outlet Shopping mall
Here is the largest number of shops in Japan (Japan first) a total of 240 special shopping mall. Internationally renowned luxury brands and popular boutiques at home and abroad, grade fashion children’s clothing, men and women’s leather products, accessories, sports and outdoor supplies everything, is a people want to come again to the special shopping mall.


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