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The year 2016 is going to past, and the new year is coming soon. Different from Chinese celebrating the Lunar New Year, Japanese celebrate the new year on 1st January. It is the same as Chinese has the custom to worship the temples during the spring festival, Japanese also go to shrines (Jinja) or temples to pray for good luck, happiness and healthiness in the coming new year which is an important event to celebrate New Year. It is called Hatsmode in Japanese which means the first visit to shrines (Jinja) of the year.

newyear, shrine, worship
Of course, you can call the first visit to the shrines in anytime during the whole New Year’s Day as the Hatsmode, but Japanese people think that the earlier you go, the more sincerity you have, so everyone hopes to be the first person to pray on the 1st January. That is why thousands of people lining up in front of the shrines waiting for the coming of 0:00am at the mid-night of  New-year-eve, the only day when the train and the subway operating till the morning.

newyear, worship, 2017, shrines
If you have a plan to travel Japan during the New Year, you can try to go to a Hatsmode to experience a Japanese style New year and celebrate your New Year in a different way. Making a new year wish in shrines may be a good idea for you this year. Perhaps it can bring you a good luck and make your wish come true. Today, I want to introduce you some famous shrines for a Hatsmode, you can check it out if you are interested.

  1. Kameidoten Jinja

This is a shrine of the god of Study Sugawara no Michizane. If you are a student who is preparing for an examination or if you want to pray for a good luck in an examination for your child, here is the best choice for you. Besides, the scenery there is very beautiful.

hatsumode, shrine, new-year

hatsumode, worship, newyear, 2017

2.Kawasaki Daishi Temple

Kawasaki Daishi Temple is located in Kanagawa prefecture, which is a popular site for new year worship. If you think 2016 is an unlucky year for you, here is the best site for you to make the best wish for 2017. Good luck always follow you from 2017!

hatsumode, shrine, newyear

shrine, hatsumodeOfficial Website: http://www.kawasakidaishi.com/english/index.html

3.Kawagoe-Hikawa Shrine

Kawagoe-Hikawa Shrine is located in Saitama prefecture, which is praying for family, couple, and romantic success. A lot of single ladies come here for wishing new partners.

temple, shrine, hatsumode

newyear, romanticsuccess, hatsumode, shrineOfficial Website: http://www.kawagoehikawa.jp/ (only Japanese)

These are the 3 popular shrines for new year worship. Please take a choice for it. Then, you can experience a traditional festive atmosphere with many food stands selling Japanese food. Also, you will see many people lining up for a prayer at the main hall, purchasing lucky charms for a fortunate new year and disposing their lucky charms of the past year.

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