Have you ever seen a small “envelopes” sold at some places such as stationery counters in Japan? This kind of  “envelopes” are called  “Pochi Bag” in Japanese. They were born in the late 19th century as a tool for the delivery of gifts to the Maiko (a gift for expressing gratitude).


For children, the biggest expectations at New Year is the New Year’s eve purse. After the family member solemnly to each other for the “New Year” blessing, children will get the New Year’s eve purse from the elder. Different from the usual, the money packed in “Pochi bag” is a symbol of a special day.


New Year ‘s eve purse was originally distributed by the New Year’ s Eve “Year of the Soul (New Year ‘s Soul)”. It is said that every year, in order to obtain the power of a year, by the head of a year, the elder of a family will distribute the “Year of the Soul” to every one. “God’s possess”, that is, circular rice cake in the round cake as “Year of the Soul”. The money basically comes as a supply (for God’s offerings) of the dried abalone, the reason may come from this bar. Do not know when to start, round rice cakes are replaced by coins, but the mind is still hidden in the little paper bag.


There are also Pochi bags  representing the Mt. Fuji in Japan.

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