The world-famous Nissin Cup I believe we all heard, came to Japan you must have to try the authentic Nissin Cup. If you are interested in wanting to know more about the story of Nissin Cup, then you must go to the Nissin Ramen Memorial to go around and experience the process of making a cup of noodles personally, Not only fun, but also learn a lot about the knowledge of Ramen noodles, suitable for children with one go to visit and study.

Here, you can not only understand the instant noodles are invented from the beginning to the continuous development of the spread of a world food culture as a process, and the invention of the world’s first bag side – instant chicken soup noodles, Surface of the founder of the wave of Mr. Ando Hiyafuku life.


Instant Noodles history memorial             Mr Ando hiyafuku building



Hiyafuku technological room                             Thinking room

Here is a special introduction to the museum’s chicken soup Ramen factory and My Taste Factory of these two factories activities. Chicken soup Ramen factory is their own experience in the production of chicken noodles, noodles can be made to take home a good taste. My taste of the factory is a hands-on design cup, from the four kinds of soup and 12 kinds of vegetable material to choose their favorite to join, made into their own unique taste of my Ramen, also made into the pull cup Can also take home. Taste mix up to 5460 kinds.


Chicken Ramen Factory                                My Taste Factory


Taste and pleasure area                             Noodle Street

Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Admission to the museum by 17:00)
Admission charges: Adults (college or higher): 500 yen High school students are free
Cost of use in each area:
Chicken Ramen Factory: 300 yen for elementary school students and 500 yen for secondary school students
My Taste Factory: Making a cup of noodles for 300 yen
Taste and pleasure area: 300 yen for 30 minutes
Noodle Street: Ramen noodles 300 yen, dessert 300 yen, drinks 200 yen
Address: 2-3-4, Newport, Yokohama City
Tel: 045-345-0918
Transportation: Take the Hong Kong future line to the future station to get off
Official website:

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