There is a saying “Good wine needs no bush”, so does good food. Lots of small restaurants are well known even they are located in the alley since they taste as good as, if not better than those located on the busy main streets, and that they are unique with their own characteristics.

The restaurant to be introduced today is just like that, providing delicious and affordable food subtly along a suburb street-Juban Noodles. The hottest meal is noodles, but they also provide fried rice, dumplings and more. Although the range of food options is not too much, each dish is served earnestly by the chefs. Some magazines and newspapers reporting about the restaurant are also posted next to the entrance. You might have to queue during rush hours, but having to queue up outside small restaurant like this proves that there is something worth waiting for isn’t it?

Let’s see the noodles with meat here in Juban, their large and thick pieces of meat are very savoring. The meat is crisp outside but tender inside.


And their other popular item vegetable noodles are served with fresh ingredients, and noodles are cooked just enough for a chewy texture.[1]


There are also delicious fried dumplings with full stuffing and thin skin, which are crunchy and juicy and by far the best fried dumplings ever been tried in Tokyo.[1]

Although Juban is located in the alley, it is easily accessible and takes only 3 or 4 minutes walk from JR Higashi-Nakano Station (just 1-2 stops from Okubo or Shinjuku.)

Do drop by and explore the interesting alleys around Tokyo!

Address: 3 Chome-7-26 Higashinakano, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0003.