If Japan’s July-August “Fireworks Festival” is a unique poem of the summer, then the December of the “Rainbow Fireworks Conference” is the most beautiful winter welcome song! Multicolored fireworks, like flowers bloom in the winter’s clear, cloudless night sky, weaving a brilliant beautiful dream.


Around the Christmas and New Year the decoration is already put on, and even the “Statue of Liberty” are like waiting for the splendid moment of the fireworks bloom!


In addition to watching on land, if you want to enjoy the beauty of fireworks, take the house boat is also a good choice!

In the last night of this year to see a romantic fireworks,  are you ready?

Holding Time: 12/24,  12/31 (from 19:00)
※ stormy weather canceled
Holding location: Odaiba Seaside Park, from “Statue of Liberty” open sea
Address: 2-7-104 Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Take the location: Sunrise Bridge)
 Activity fee: free
The best viewing location: By the side of vice center (Odaiba area) area
※ auditorium is not available
Transportation Route:  New traffic lily Seagull [Odaiba Seaside Park Station], [Odaiba Station]     Rinkai Line [Tokyo Telecommunication Station]
Official Website: http: //www.tokyo-odaiba.net/rainbow/hanabi2016.html

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