Ryukyu Mura is a themepark where you can experience culture, entertainment and nature of Okinawa at.

It imitates old times Okinawa with things which is from various places of Ryukyu island, including red local house with a tiled roof, sugar refinery,  ceramic kiln etc.

The majority of local residents grow  fruits and vegetables directly and eat them. This eating style helps people live a long time.



The traditional performance is held every day.



There are a lot of little signboards decorated with peculiarity style in village.


This shop is made of charming goods which village craftman collected.


They retain their own traditional cultures more than 150 years.


And the atmosphere of world heritage sites in village is one of the picturesque point of Ryukyu village.


There is no way to get a feeling ,comfortable ,peaceful  in complicated city at all but you can experience at Ryukyu village and then it should makes you want to stay forever this village.



There is a music theater of history and scenery at exit area.


Would you like to listen to music that matches the mood of Ryukyu village together?

Address:1130, Yamada, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

When you come from Naha Airport
It is approximately 60 minutes by 30 kilos, reserved bus, taxi rent-a-car to the north at National highway No. 58 from Naha Airport.
When you come from bus
You get off Naha in front of RyukyuMura by to Nago of Okinawa bus, Ryukyu bus route for approximately 60 minutes.
Adult (16 years old or older) Dwarf (6-15 years old)
1,200 yen 600 yen
  • ※Child younger than six years becomes no charge for admission.
  • ※It includes hub show view rate.
 opening time:8:30~17:30


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