OOEDO Hot Springs is located in the center of Odaiba, Tokyo. It is one of the biggest theme hot springs in Japan. It is a theme park in the Edo period. It provides visitors with a full range of recreation and entertainment services. OOEDO Hot Springs has a total of six large baths, including the main “OOEDO hot spring” and “golden spring”, are directly taken underground 1400 meters deep natural hot spring water. Bath which, the skin to gentle smooth. Even just out of the bath, will feel warm and comfortable from the inside out and relaxed.

OOEDO hot spring, according to the different needs of tourists, providing a number of different sanitary equipment, you can enjoy the way you like to enjoy the hot springs. Here you can enjoy the authentic Japanese massage, beauty care, fish therapy and many other relaxing care services. You can also experience your foot bath while chatting with your family and friends.


 An outdoor hot spring                                        Japanese-style foot bath

Walking in the foot bath when the ground covered with small stones to the soles of the feet to the pain of comfortable stimulation. You can wear a bathrobe with family or lovers to experience.

34  Edo street

In addition, it is worth mentioning that here is the reproduction of the Edo style of the old neighborhood, “Hirokōji Road” as the main street, a blow arrow, divination and other traditional folk entertainment, as well as Japanese and fruit and other classic snack stalls In addition to the fantastic folklore program, you can relax and indulge in the authentic old Edo life at the same time.

Address: 2-6-3 Aomi,Etou-ku,Tokyo

1. Driving: by the capital high speed on the 11th Odaiba line, from the Odaiba export about 3 minutes

The capital of the height of the coastline, from the Linkai Fukutoshin exports about 4 minutes

From Haneda Airport: From Narita Airport by car through the South Island Tunnel, about 18 minutes to arrive

2. Take the train: Yurikamome Line [telecommunications center station], walk about 2-3 minutes

7 mins by bus (free of charge) from Rinkai Line [Tokyo Teleport Station]

3. By Bus: From Hamamatsu-cho bus terminal in front of JR [Hamamatsucho Station], take the bus bound for “Tokyo International Exhibition Center” and get off at the [telecommunications Station] and walk for about 2-3 minutes.

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