In Japan, there are lots of illuminations around the city during Christmas and wherever you go will be filled with Christmas atmosphere. Did you go somewhere to enjoy with it? For those who missed the events, here is another recommendation for you.

Every year, Osaka will held the Winter Illumination Festival, which attract a number of visitors until next year’s Valentine’s Day 2017. If you want a romantic Valentine’s trip, come and visit it.

  • JR Osaka – Twilight Fantasy

osaka, illumination

osaka, twilingt, illumination

When winter coming, the city will be bright lighting, infected with fairy-tale atmosphere surround by fantasy. Osaka Station, which is busying with traffic, has also joined the dazzling array of winter lighting. The “Twilight Fantasy” is held in the Space Plaza at OSAKA STATION CITY. In addition to the fantastic water column lighting, there will also hold a number of music lighting events. Don’t forget to have a look at the lovely snowman beside the road.


Event Period : November 2th, 2016~ February 14th, 2017 (17:00~23:00)

Address: Osaka Station Square, 5th Floor, Space Square

Official Wesite: only)

  • Osaka Hirakata Park “Lighting Garden”

osaka, illumination

In addition to lighting the entire park, there are many recreational facilities and performances, whether adults or children can play here full of a day. Hirakata Park have a convenient transportation, whether living in Kyoto or Osaka, it can be easily to reached. It doesn’t matter if you feel too late for Christmas, this activities will be held to the end of February next year, maybe you can enjoy a snow at the same time. Don’t miss it!

Event period﹕2016/11/11~2017/2/26
Time: 2016/12/2~2017/2/26 (opening time in winter)
○10:00~17:00 12/5・8・12・15、1/23・26・30、and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday of February
○10:00~20:00:1/13~2/26 of Friday, Saturday and Sunday
○10:00~20:30: 12/2~11of Friday, Saturday and Sunday

and also opening at 12/16~1/9
On Tuesday of Februray
Admission: Adult 900yen;


Ticket: 2 years old to elementary school students 500yen (*1600yen Amusement facilities and performance fees )

Address: Hirakata Park
Official website:﹕ (Japanese only)

  • Sea Pavilion penguin lights flashing water world

osaka, sea museum

seaMuseum, 大阪, 亮燈

Osaka’s popular “Sea Museum” continues this year in the Sea Museum Square, holding the “Winter Lighting Exhibition”, the sea Museum use 1.2 million light bulbs to create a giant blue whale jumped out of the sea, every half-hour the light will be brighting With the melody of the music, showing thousands of land-based marine world, the scale of the largest calendar year. In addition, the Sea Museum also held launched a penguin parade at the Christmas period to January 15 next year. A cute penguin, swaying out of the museum, and visitors can close to meet, to celebrate the winter time.

Event period﹕Today to March 5, 2017
Time﹕17:00 – 22:00 (No entry at 20:00)
Address﹕Sea tour around Monday
Transportation﹕5 minutes on foot from the Osaka City Subway Chuo Line to Osaka Port
Official website﹕ (Japanese only)

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