If like crabs, visit to Japan must not miss the Kani Doraku is one of Osaka’s food choices, here is the king crab, cod crab, pine crab … Monopoly, for crab cuisine can be said to be specialization Of the degree, calculate the whole of Japan actually has 42 shop  Kani Doraku showing how high their popularity.


Although there is no available English menu, but there are can look at picture and order meal.

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Up front on the appetizer, similar to the concept of grip sushi, with rice, crab legs are raw, you can stained with a unique seasoning mixed with eating.

Sashimi should be use Wasabi, crab meat like very sweet.

In fact, there are like vinegar seasoning, but the crab itself is enough water and flexibility, do not add too much seasoning to eat.


Super delicious crab paste, after the service will help to grill on the plate, crab meat mixed with crab paste to eat, a lot of weight, flavor is very rich, is the kind of spoon scoop not clean want to lick the delicious level.


Desserts are  green tea ice cream and fruit. Do not go to Kyoto to eat delicious Matcha. sauce is hot, the staff stirred after pouring green tea ice cream, 100 points of dessert!

Address 〒542-0071 1-6-18, Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number 06-6211-8975
FAX 06-6211-2011
There is no regular holiday
※ New Year’s Day, do not rest, engaged in business.
It is open from 11:00 to 23:00
The last order 22:00
The total number of seats 332 seats
The number of 11 boxes
The maximum number of parties is 20 persons
Facilities Non-smoking and smoking areas • Disabled facilities for the disabled • Seats for chairs, Japanese-style seats free of kneeling
Take the tram:
5 minutes walk from subway JR, Kintetsu Namba Station, and arrive at Nakaji Bridge
Driving situation:
Midosuji Dotonbori The eastern side of the Nanjei intersection
Parking lot Cooperative parking lot (parking discount ticket issue)

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