It is said that the kitchen of Japan is in Osaka, and the kitchen of Osaka is in Osaka Kuromon Market. It is a shopping street which is about 600 meters long and you can find the authentic food like pickles, seafood and fruits there. All of the seafood will be on sale in the late afternoon. Come and experience the life of local people. It is a place where you can freely feel the local culture of Osaka. Not only the seafood shops which occupy more than half of the market, but also the fruits and drysaltery are so popular in the visitors. I think it would be very worthy to visit here to enjoy the fresh seafood and the enthusiastic and hospitable local atmosphere here.


Seafood is main here. There are many seafood shops where you can enjoy the seafood by different ways such as grilling, sashimi, and shabu-shabu.


If you have a chance to travel Osaka and have enough time, do not miss this place which is the biggest seafood market of Kansai region. Since the commodity price here is lower than Tokyo, the seafood here is much cheaper although it is not a coast city.


There are many special shops in the market, small but popular because of the fresh ingredients and the delicious food like sushi.


Address:2-4-1 Nihonbashi Chuo-Ku Osaka

There are 3 accesses for you to try.

Take the subway of Sennichimae sen and get off in the Nihonbashi Station, go out of the station from No.5 or No.10 exit.

Take the subway of Naniwasuzi sen and get off in the Nanba Station, go along the Nankai Street for 8 minutes.

Take the subway of Midosuji sen and get off in the Umeda Station, 8 minutes walk from the exit


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