Hi! Have you ever been to OSAKA in traveling? YES! As you know, Osaka is quite famous place and has reputation as a tourist destination among foreign tourists.

If you already have traveled around Osaka city, where are you going to next? If you do not have any ideas, I would like to recommend this place called “MADAMAMURA”(まだま村). Madamamura is located in the bamboo grove several miles away from Osaka city but not so far and Madama means polish one’s soul.

So quiet and earthy place.

The inside of Cafe was built with conical style and warm lighting effects so you would feel as you had been transported through time to the Jomon period.

They provides Jomon lunch at cafe. The lunch menu is included with seasonal vegetables and organic salt, miso, soy sauce, and sugar. So it’s good for body and mind. Try it!

※You must make a reservation on telephone if you want to eat Jomen lunch

※The menu should be different depending on the season


And also there are some kind of cakes, teas, or other lunch menus.

Address 千提寺428
Ibaraki-shi, 568-0098
Open Wed〜Fri 11:00〜 16:00(L.o 15:30)
Sat,Sun,the holidays 11:00〜 17:00(L.o 16:30)
Closing days Every Monday and Tuesday
Telephone 072-649-3800


Traffic access>> By bus

take Hankyu bus “JR Ibaraki” 1 bus stop [[81] Ninjoji, Yono direction]

and get off 「千提寺口」 bus stop then 10 minutes by walk.

Please check this site. If you have any questions please contact them.

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