Enjoy a rich selection of traditional Spanish dishes

at this rice cuisine restaurant

with Spanish culture.


Sal y Amor opened in September 2012 on Hachiman Avenue in Daikanyama.

The adobe walls are decorated with traditional Talavera pottery from La Mancha, and the hall and kitchen ring with a never-ending flow of Spanish, making visitors feel as if they are enjoying the day in a little village in Spain.


The menu always has more than ten rice-based items on it, including the moist rice caldero, made in a round, three-legged pot, and fideua, a paella-like dish made with pasta.


Paella with Chorizo,pork. ¥3,700


This Valencia paella is cooked with chicken soup,rabiit,chicken,Morocco beans,white beans.


More than 60 kinds of  Spain wine are collected which is made by Tempranillio grape and many other kinds of grapes.


Restaurant Info

Restaurant Name:Arroceria Sal y Amor

Address:The 3rd Yokoshiba Bldg B1, 12-19 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, , Tokyo, 150-0034

Hours of operation:17:30~24:30(L.O.23:00)





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