Plum Creek in Tsukigase


There is a beautiful place in the east of Nara city called Tsukigase, a place which is famous for the plum blossom blooms along a stream named Tsukigase Plum Creek. It was designated as one of the earliest places of interests of Japan in the year 1992 by Japanese government. As one of the Top Three plum blossom forests of Nara, Tsukigase has more than 13 thousand of plum trees planted along the river. The first plum tree there was planted in a shrine 800 years ago.

Flower admiring season: middle of March

Access: Take a bus from the Nara Station of JR Kansai Hon Line 1 hour and 15 minutes

Adrress: 21-8 Nakabiki, Tsukigase, Nara city, Nara prefecture

Plum blossom forest in Soga Besho


600 years before, the Odawara area of Kanagawa prefecture was dominated by the Hojo Uji. Many plum trees were planted in Jokamachi area to provide plums to the soldiers. In Edo era, the planting of plum trees was widely popularized by the seignior of Odawara Okubo Uji. Then plums were made into pickled plums by Japanese people and sold in Hakone area, which now is an important Japanese traditional healthy food called ume-boshi.

Flower admiring season: the latter part of February

Access: 20-minute-walk from the Shimo-Soga Station of the JR Tokai Gotemba Line

Address: 282, Soga Besho, Odawara city, Kanagawa prefecture

Atami bairin


The plum blossom in Atami plum garden will bloom from the latter of Nov, to the early of Dec. There are about 58 kinds of plum trees in number of 464 planted here. The plum blossom admiring activity is usually held in the weekend. Visitors can also enjoy the Japanese traditional art performance and try the Japanese Osake while admiring the beautiful plum blossom.

Flower admiring season: from the early of Jan, to the early of Mar.

Access: 10-minute-walk from the JR Kinomiya Station. There is a shuttle bus you can use in the JR Atami Station during the plum blossom festival.

Address: Umezonocho, Atami city, Shizuoka prefecture.

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