Do you know the famous actress Watanabe Naomi in Japan? She is a girl who has a round face and a fat body. She is not beautiful but she is still popular with so many young people in the society which emphasis on physical appearance. Why? If you have watched her performance and know enough about her character, you would understand that. She is so enthusiastic, straightforward, funny and versatile which all make her so charming. She can even speak English fluently.


Besides, with her special fashion sense she even established her own brand named PUNYUS which is so popular among Japanese young people.If you know and like Watanabe Naomi, why not try to visit a PUNYUS shop to feel the different fashion style by yourself when you travel to Japan.


Since Naomi is a fat girl, her concept of the brand is that you can be beautiful on the clothes even you are a fat girl. What makes her clothes special is that there are so many different sizes from free size to 6L size for you to choose, so every girl can find a size that fit for her in the shop.


Besides, it is said that the clothes of PUNYUS are designed all by Naomi herself. Isn’t she so talented? Her clothes are colorful, fancy and stylish. A little bit hip-pop but also so cute and lovely. It seems that you can not simply hold them if you do not have enough fashion sense.



You may think that the price of the clothes is high as it is a brand established by a famous actress. The answer is NO. The average price of the clothes is about 5000-6000 Japanese Yen, which is about 300-400 RMB. If it is a reasonable price for, you can try one to see if you are suitable for this kind of style.

Here is the address of the PUNYUS shops for the people who are interested.


Tokyo, Shibuya-Ku Dogenzaka slope 2-29-1

Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo, Sumida-ku 1-1-2 Tokyo solamachi 3F Oshiage


Tokyo, Shinjuku 3-38-1 2F, lumine EST Shinjuku

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