Here comes the new service for reserveing taxi!
No need to worry about getting lost or wasting time or money anymore.

Tripla can help you with this!

We provide service like reserving taxi all over Japan, pick-up service from airport and also the charter car plan (hourly amount).


1.Price-same as the price of the normal taxi
2.Language- able to arrange a driver is capable of English(but is limited)
3.Feel relieved-our drivers are professional
4.Communication-if you have problem with communicating with driver, we can help you

Price information

Charter car 《Basic sedan》 《luxury sedan》 《minivan》
First 4 hours ¥26,400~ ¥48,400~ ¥35,200~
then per hour after ¥6,600~ ¥12,100~ ¥8,800~


Airport pick up service 《sedan taxi》

(at most 3ppls)


(at most 6ppls)


(Every ppl)

Narita Airport ¥25,300~ ¥29,700~ ¥5,200
Haneda ¥9,900~ ¥12,100~ ¥4,800

Besides, we can also help you for reserving restaurant, tours…etc.
Go downloading our application for our service!

Welcome to use Tripla free application for your trip in Japan!

English reservationchat-eng

Welcome to download tripla!

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