Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park located at Tamashi of Tokyo. Other popular spots around that area including, the Michelin 3 stars spot – Mt.Takao and the Mitui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa.
You can meet a collection of different characters here, like Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Jewelpet, My Melody and more. Of course, Hello Kitty is the main for this park. As this park is an indoor theme park, visitors are able to enjoy anytime even the weather is not good. The total area for the park is 21000 meter sq. with 2 floors underground, and 4 floors on the ground.










Sanrio Puroland, with 9 entertainment facilities, 3 restaurants, 1 coffee shop and 5 souvenir shops, visitors can really get into Hello Kitty and her friends’ fairy tale world. Not only you can watch the 25th anniversary parade “MIRACLE GIFT PARADE!”, if you are lucky enough, you also can meet some popular characters like Melody or Little Twin Star and take pictures with them. This is really an amazing experience, and that like bring you back to your childhood and recall your precious memory.


Moreover, inside the park, visitors can tour Kitty’s house which includes Renaissance style portraits of her family, fancy furniture and a bath-tub shaped like her face, and displays of her purses and jewelry.

ladykittyshop_pcAfter having fun with those characters, you should enjoy shopping and eating as much as you like. The biggest shopping center of the theme park is located at the 3rd floor entrance area. Here visitors can buy variety of cartoon souvenirs and sweets. Most of them is limited to Sanrio Puroland only.

For dining, the  Restaurant Yukata on the 4th floor is one of the recommendations in which you can have different kinds of cuisines in buffet style. In addition to that, the  character food court on the 1st floor where visitors can enjoy Puroland’s original treats and character-themed menus.

Restaurant Yukata



Open: (Mon-Fri) 1000~17:00; (Sat – Sun, Public Holiday) 10:00~18:00
Closed day: Wed or Thur by random
Address:Ochiai 1-31,Tamashi, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 042-339-1111 (0930-1700 for Open day only)
Access: 【Via Keio Line: Central Exit / Via Odakyu Line: West Exit】
①Take the South Exit of Keio Tama Center・Odakyu Tama Center Station and walk straight toward Parthenon Tama.
②Turn left at the Okanoue Plaza cross.
③You will see Sanrio Puroland in front of you. Please proceed to the entrance.

For guest who uses stroller or wheelchair:
Guests come by train please follow the arrows and take a promenade to Sanrio Puroland.
* Please follow the arrows and take a promenade to the main Entrance at 3rd floor of Sanrio Puroland.
* There is slope for guest using wheelchair at the left side of the steps

Official Website:

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