Yuki matsuri, Sapporo, Hokkaido

The Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is held for one week every February in Hokkaido’s capital Sapporo. There are about two million visitors come to Sapporo to see the magnificent snow and ice sculptures every year. It is one of Japan’s most popular winter festivals.

white HokkaidoAs the same as before, 2017 Sapporo Snow Festival will be held at 3 main places, Odori Park, The community dome, Tsudome site.

Odori Park, stretching east to west over 1.5km through the heart of downtown Sapporo, will be transformed into a fantasy of snow and ice. More than 190 of  artworks, sculpted with pure white snow and sparkling clear ice, will be shown at here. The ice sculptures in the Odori Site can be as tall as 15 meters height and as broad as 25 meters. Most of the artworks are like animation characters, cartoons and antique architects.
北海道, 雪祭, 大通會場

北海道雪祭, Hokkaido, snow北海道雪祭, 大通公園, 小丸子, 冰雕

Susukino Site (SUSUKINO ICE WORLD) exhibits about 100 ice sculptures. The ice sculptures are lit up daily until 23:00 (until 22:00 on the festival’s final day).

薄野會場, 夜燈, 冰燈薄野會場, 夜燈, 冰燈

薄野會場, 夜燈, 冰鵰冰雕, 夜燈, 薄野會場

The community dome, Tsudome is the second largest site of the Sapporo Snow Festival. Inside the dome, there are plenty of attractions, which includes a variety of snowy activities as well as snow slides and snow rafting.

Tsudome會場, 滑雪場Tsudome會場, 滑雪場, 冰鵰, 雪鵰

Date: 6th Feb -12th of 2017 (TSUDOME: 1st Feb -12th of 2017 )
Organizer: City of Sapporo, Sapporo Tourist Association, Sapporo Board of Education, Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Location and Time: 1. Odori park; Nishi 1 chome~ Nishi 12 chome; Illuminations turned on at sunset, and turned off at 22:00
2. Tsudome Site: The community dome, Tsudome (Open from 9:00 to 17:00)
3.Susukino Site (SUSUKINO ICE WORLD): Ekimae-dori (Station Avenue); Minami 4 jo ~ Minami 7 jo; Illuminations turned off at 23:00.**(On the last day, illuminations turned off at 22:00.)**
Admission Fee: Free
Access: From New Chitose Airport, you can take a JR train or a bus to Sapporo.
Official website: http://www.snowfes.com/english/index.html


札幌, 雪鵰, 冰雕, 雪祭, 北海道 Let’s Enjoy!!

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