Blue cave snorkeling

Blue cave, which is the most popular diving spot in Okinawa. Located at maedamisaki, Onna, Okinawa.

Blue cave is a typical natural sea cave, from the narrow entrance of cave, you can see that the sun goes though the transparent sea up to the bottom of the sea.

Swimming through the entrance, there is full of the fantastic blue light.

This is the blue world of fantasy.

In addition to this mysterious of blue clear sea, you can also swim and take picture with plenty of colorful tropical fishes under the sea.

Blue cave snorkeling 2

Tour Fees: 5000yen/person (Adult and Kid are the same)

(Including Equipment, clothes, boat fee, coach fee, insurance, tax, fish feeding)

Optional Choice: Waterproof Camera renting 3000yen/camera (including the SD card)

Time Required: 2.5hrs from departure time

Departure Time: 8:00  10:00  12:00  14:00

Application Requirement: Over 6 years old;

Need the healthy certificate if over 60 years old;

Available for no experience or can’t swim.


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  1. Need to sign the agreement before the tour.
  2. Due to the departure time of the boat, please be there on time. Will break the contract if 15 minutes late.
  3. If there is any change due to the uncontrollable factor (ex, weather), the staff will contact you at least one day before your tour departure date.
  4. Please be noted that DONOT take airplane within 12 hours after the diving. ( It’s ok for snorkeling)
  5. The tour content will be basically as the same as what you choose.

But the location might be changed due to the weather or the condition of the sea (the coach will estimate on the departure day).

Please be noted that the customer still has to pay full fees even the customer wants to cancel the tour on that day.

※Please contact us if you need more details for futher reminders.

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