From late December to late March is a great time for a family trip for strawberry picking in the Tokyo area. Here is our updated 2016 list of top strawberry picking gardens you can enjoy in the Tokyo area on a half-day or one-day trip.


Wado Garden(Saitama)
Harvest period: in mid-December 2016 to 2017 in late May
Address: 457-3, Kurobe, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture
Business hours: 9:00 to sunset
Regular holiday: Indefinite
From the middle of December to the end of February: 1,700 yen for elementary school students and 900 yen for students aged 2 and over;
March 1 to April 10: 1,500 yen for elementary school students and 800 yen for children aged 2 and over; April 11 ~ End: 1,200 yen for elementary school students and 600 yen for students aged 2 and over.
Bought: Yes. (From the middle of December to the end of February), 600 yen (March 1 to April 10), 500 yen (April 11 to May 5)
High set cultivation: Yes
Reservations: Reservations are not required for less than 20 persons
Transportation: Chichibu Railway Dokurodani Station 3 minutes by walk


Iijima Flower Garden (Kanagawa) – This garden offers 30 minute all your eat  strawberries that are pesticide-free. Since this garden is quite central, there is sometimes a wait until you can pick.  Iijima offers 11 other types of fruits and vegetable picking over the year. Cabbage (Dec-May), daikon (Nov- Feb), potatoes (Jun), melon (Jul-Aug), corn (Jul-Aug), tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, watermelon and pumpkin (July-Aug), sweet potatoes (Sept-Oct)

Iijima Flower Garden Details
address: 1534 Kaneda, Minamishitaura- machi, Miura, Kanagawa-ken (神奈川県三浦市南下浦町金田1534)
Open: End of December to the end of May, Closed Monday and Fridays; open all other days and national holidays 10:00 – 17:00
Cost: December end – January 5th: elementary to adults 1,800 yen; 3-6 years 900 yen; 2 and under free; January 6 – February 29:  elementary to adults 1,860 yen; 3-6 years 800 yen; March 1 – April 5: elementary to adults 1,400 yen; 3-6 years 700 yen; April 6 – mid-May: elementary to adults 1,200 yen; 3-6 years 600 yen
Access:30 mins from the Kinugawa IC in Yokohama by car; about 70-90 mins from Shinagawa station in Tokyo; by train take the Keikyu line to Misakiguchi station, then the bus to Matsuwa and then walk 15 mins


🍓 Some orchards must be booked in advance and do not forget use tripla to make an appointment first.
🍓 Orchard may stop opening or close early due to the growth and quantity of strawberries, especially late in the harvest period, so even if it is not required to make an appointment with the orchard, it is advisable to call before calling.
🍓 Generally, picking fruit in the morning is the most delicious, so it is advisable to go to the orchard before noon, and in the afternoon or evening, the orchard may close early because the strawberries have been picked up.
🍓 「High planting」: Strawberry planted in a higher position, adults can more easily pick, on the contrary, not high enough children
It may be difficult to reach and not picking. “Soil cultivation”: the traditional method of soil cultivation on the ground, soil is black tape
Wrapped in the kind.
🍓 To avoid misunderstanding, it is recommended that you confirm the following clearly beforehand:
 The cost of harvesting strawberries may vary depending on the time period.
 The time limit for picking up any food in the garden, the designated range for picking, etc.
 Condensed milk is generally available, but may be subject to a charge.
🍓 Shrewd you must:
 Will choose smaller strawberries, because the garden may have different types, pick the smaller, you can eat more.
 Before picking strawberries, the first to the toilet, strawberries because of the water more to avoid the need to go to the bathroom halfway, especially with the children to be more
 Clothing that will be easily removed as the temperature inside the greenhouse is higher.
 will wear dirty shoes are not afraid, due to soil cultivation may be a bit muddy place.
 will not wear high heels, because the heel will break the tape.
🍓 Strawberry picking the right way:
 Please pay attention to the explanation or demonstration of the park staff.
 Strawberries should not be forcibly pulled, which may cause the seedlings to no longer grow strawberries.
 should be gently holding strawberries, and then slightly bent in the pedicle will be able to easily pick.
 Only pick the strawberries in front of the line, do not cross-picking, it will accidentally pull out the seedlings or strain.

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