Talking about Japanese food, the first thing comes to your mind must be Sushi. As the capital city of Japan, Tokyo has the most superior and high quality food collecting from the whole country. Of course you can have the most delicious and fresh Sushi–the representative food of Japan–here in Tokyo.

Today, I will recommend you a famous Sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Robbongi.


There are a great variety of Sushi which only use the most fresh seafood bought from the market that very day. In addition to the chef ’s exquisite skills of making sushi, it will provide you a wonderful experience to enjoy the most authentic and delicious sushi.


In this comfortable and relaxing restaurant, they can provide you the table seats, the counter seats and the private rooms for your different needs.


The most popular thing in this restaurant is the Fresh Tuna which is so tender that seems to melt in your mouth. It tastes tender and soft and may be more acceptable for those who has sushi for the first time.


Name of the restaurant:Sushi Kappo Tokimeki

Address:201,4-6-7 Robbongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Open hour:18:00~0:00

Day off:Sundays and Holidays

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