As a traveler in Japan, traditional cultural experience is the most exciting thing you won’t want to miss besides food and shopping. Putting on beautiful traditional Japanese kimono while enjoying the Tea Ceremony is the perfect way to get a taste of how being a Japanese is like for a day.

At activities like this, apart from kimono dressing, simple hair arrangement and accessory items such as sandals and bags that go along with kimono will also be provided. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of options and combinations they have!


If you couldn’t get enough of the kimono moment, you can even stroll around the city with your kimono on! Just return it to the rental place in the evening, usually before 8pm depending on which shop you go to.


What’s more, you can watch the tea demonstration by tea masters and enjoy some seasonal sweets pairing with maccha tea. You can be hands on making your own bowl of tea too!


Activities like these usually locate at prime location like Ginza and Asakusa, downtown of Tokyo city, you can easily access to other places afterwards!

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Writer: Amber