Welcome to Japan!! Is it your first trip to Japan? Wow, it is Nice! However, When you see these neon signs, boards or restaurant menus etc…anyway, they are all in Japanese characters, does it frightening you? Moreover, lots of Japanese, they don’t speak English, or just a little. And you must be as surprised as me that Japan  – as the third economic country after America and China, but their English proficiency is really low.

food booth at festival in Asakusa

Well, as a tourist or Japan-lover, you notice that you can’t learn Japanese in one day or 3 months, but you really want to enjoy the journey while visiting Japan. So, you must be looking for an App or some language App to help with navigating around Japan, assisting with language barriers, searching for locations, or just making lives a little easier during your stay. Here is a new App that will help you on your trip for sure. And what you need is just a smartphone only. Let ‘s follow the steps and have a try on it.


App Name: tripla
The best thing for tripla is it provides one-to one chat service with your language. At this moment, tripla provides Chinese, Korea and English service. With tripla, you can chat with the professional concierge in English and ask any questions before or while you are traveling to Japan. You can ask anything from making reservations at restaurants, tours, activities, buying tickets for you and even get directions when you get lost.

step-1Step 1 – App Store or Android

step-2Step 2 – choose your login method.

step-3 Step 3 – it is common to login with Facebook.

step-4Step 4 – It’s better you choose ‘allow’, because the app can help you to search for restaurants or hotels based on your present location or any number of criteria, including cuisine type, price, reviews, or even when you get lost.

step-5Step – 5 – Skip it for new user.

step-6Step 6 – Please allow it for receiving update information. After this, you can see the layout for reservation page, Restaurant, Activity, Limonous/Taxi, Mobile wifi. That means tourists can reserve these categories of service through tripla App.

step-7Step 7 – OK! You see there are 4 option buttons on the bottom – Chat, Reservation, Status, Account. Now let’s try the restaurant reservation first.

step-8Step 8 – So, when you are inside the restaurant Reservation page, you will see this. Then just enter your requirements.

step-9Step 9 – There are lots of choices for the restaurant types. Make your choice.

step-10Step 10 – You even can choose for the restaurant atmosphere. Finally selects the locations, and the results will come out.

step-11Step 11 – There are many results for Tokyo/Ropponki come out. Let’s click one inside to see how is it.


Step 12 – This is the restaurant page we click inside, and as you see it’s all in English. If you are interested on it, just click the reservation button, enter the date and time, and number of people. It is easy and just takes less than 5 mins. You can make the reservation before you come to Japan too. There are over 60000 restaurants you can make reservation through tripla App till this moment. And even your preference restaurant is not inside the tripla App system, you can also make the reservation through their Chatting service. For reservation of Activity, Luminous/Taxi, Mobile wifi, just follow the same steps.

Next, we are going to introduce to you the most powerful and convenience function of tripla App. It can help you solve almost any kinds of problems during your trip in Japan – That is the Chatting Service – with 3 foreign languages available – Chinese, Korean and English.

Welcome to download tripla!

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