tokyo staion, tokyo JR

Welcome to Japan! As a foreigner, we got many language troubles while visiting Japan. It is because everything is in Japanese here. Last time, we introduce you the new App tripla to you, did you start to use it already? We are sure it should make your lives in Japan much easier. As mentioned on last passage, this time we are going to introduce you the most powerful and convenience function of tripla App. It can help you solve almost any kinds of problems during your trip in Japan– That is the Chatting Service – with 3 foreign languages available – ChineseKorean and English.

tripla interfaceYou see there are 4 option buttons on the bottom – Chat, Reservation, Status, Account. Now let’s click inside the Chat room.

tripla chat-room

As you see, the first sentence is the greeting from the tripla App system. You may think it is automatically send to you when you download the App. Yes, you are right. So, how actually this App help on your trip in Japan? OK, then let’s ask some questions to see if the chat-room is really working. And when I start to ask for directions to some places, well, you can see from the pictures, the tripla App send me the map and direct me to the location.

tripla chat
For simple questions, the tripla App answers quickly. This cannot be automatically sent, the tripla App must have a strong team to support its operation so that they can reply to tourist’s questions in a quick way and with accurate information.

tripla, chat-romm
You will not get lost again in Japan with tripla App.

tokyo subway map

Sometimes, you just don’t have idea with the station maps of Japan. When this happen, try tripla App!

Welcome to download tripla!

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