PABLO cheese tart

Japanese dessert is famous and popular all over the world because of its delicious taste and beautiful design. PABLO is one of the famous dessert brands in Japan. PABLO was produced in Osaka, which is famous for its hale-baked flow cheese tart.  The sale of the cheese tart set a unbelievable record when it was put on sale for the first time. It was even selected as the third popular shops of Japan that always besieged by a crowd by a Japanese TV program.

If you are a dessert lover, you must know that there are always long lines every time you go to PABLO. But don’t worry, this time, they put their productions on sale in the convenient stores which make it more easy for you to buy their popular dessert—cheese ice-lolly without waiting in a long queue.

PABLO cheese heart tart ice-cream bar

PABLO 芝士撻雪條PABLO Ice-Bar

Inside the ice-cream bar is the smooth flow cheese with chocolate particles which can bring you multiple taste.

PABLO monaka ice


Although it is winter now, you must can’t wait to try the new ice-cream of PABLO right? These two kind of ice-cream is now on sale in most convenient stores, let’s go to buy one and have a try.


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