Mifuneyamarakuen is a garden located in the southwest shore and covers 15 million pyeong and the steep wall of rocks spread in the background.

In the spring, about 5,000 trees of cherry blossom and more than 50,000 trees of royal azalea flowers blossom out. In addition, you could see wisteria flower with 170 years old, hydrangea sweet flag and rhododendron at Mifuneyamarakuen.

You can go on a trip to view the autumn leaves in fall, camellia in winter.
 The reflection of the mountaintop which shines into the pond is one of the best landscape of Mihuneyama Rakuen Amusement Park.Some activities is held such as (茶道) tea ceremony, or a film meeting. And you can also enjoy rock climbing.
Autumnal leaves Festival has held since 1 November ~ 4, December.
The big autumnal leaves light up festival is the most popular, at night the maple leaves  making light are so beautiful and breathtaking.
Address 4100. Takeo-shi, Saga
Time 8:00~17:00(normally) /  17:30~22:00 (Festival)
fee: adult 600yen、children 300 yen / adult 900yen、children 400yen(Festival)
Day off: Nothing

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