The Hakone Open-air Museum

The Hakone Open-air Museum which is the first open-air museum in Japan was opened in 1969 in the beautiful Hakona where the scenery changes along with the change of the four seasons, On the grassland of over 70 thousand square meters, about one hundred and twenty pieces of works of the famous art masters like Roddan, Boodell, Moore, are exhibited. Besides, there are 5 indoor exhibition halls including the Picasso Hall, a carnie for children and a foot-bathing hot spring and the other facilities for you to relax yourself by enjoying the wonderfulness of the art and nature.

Address: 250-0493 Ninotahira, Hakone machi, Ashinaroshimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture

Access: Take the Haneko Tozan Bus S、G、M、lines to the Chiokokunomori station.

Opening hour: 9:00-17:00 for the whole year, not allow to entry 30 minutes before the closing time.

Price of the ticket: 1600 yen for adults; 1100 yen for the elderly people above 65 years old; 1100 yen for high school students and university students; 800 yen for pupil and middle school students.

Download a coupon of 100 yen on the official website below




As a crater lake, Ashinoko was formed in a volcanic crater 3 thousand years ago. It is the biggest lake in Kanagawa prefecture which located in the north of Haneko-machi. Mountain Fuji can be clearly saw near the lack if the weather is good enough which make it a famous spot. It must be wonderful and interesting to view the magnificent and beautiful scenery on a boat made like a pirate ship. Besides, Ashinoko is also attracted to the people who like fishing since it abounds with fishes like rainbow trout and black bass.

Address: Ashinoko, Motohokone, Hakone-machi, Ashinaroshimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture

Access: 1.Start off from Atami:Take the bus from Atami to Hakone(An Izu Hakone Bus), it takes one hour, 1150 yen for one way. (Hakone free pass can not be used)

2.Start off from Gotemba:Take the bus from Gotemba to the north and the east of the Ashinoko which comes every 2 hours(An Odakyu Highway Bus), it takes about 30 minutes, 989 yen for one way. (Hakone free pass can be used)

3.Start off from Tokyo: Take the train of Otakyu Line in Shinjuku to Hakone Yumoto Station, transfer to the mountain tram to Gora, then transfer to the cable car to the Sounzan Mountain in 9 minutes, then take the telpher to the destination Togendai where there is the ship pier for Ashinoko sightseeing.

Opening hour: the whole day

Price for the boat: 970 yen for each peason(30 minutes)


Hakone Gora Garden

Hakone Gora Garden is a rock garden located on the foot of the Sounzan Mountain. It is a beautiful and popular garden with many flowers grow all seasons here, you can enjoy it anytime in the year. It will be decorated by the illumination light in the night of summer or Christmas Day.

Access: Take the Haneko Tozan Bus S Line to the Hkone Gora Garden

Opening hour: 9:00-17:00,9:00-21:00(Jul.20-Aug.31)

Price of the ticket: 500 yen for adults; free for kids


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