The Golden Autumn season of October is the best time for you to travel Japan, for the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Choose a good day to see the mountains, the rivers and the branches covered with red leaves in a good mood. By enjoying these beautiful views which is the gift of nature, you can feel comfortable and calm. But, where in Tokyo, such a bustling city, can we find a place like that for us to feel the nature? I think that many people who travel to Japan would not like to miss Mountain Fuji, but the Lake Kawaguchi under the mountain is not that popular on the contrary. I think it will make your trip much better if you try to visit the Lake Kawaguchi after climbing the Mountain Fuji and playing in Fuji-Q Highland.

Since there are so many spots of Lake Kawaguchi which is worth a visit, I just pick some of them to introduce.


The Sea of Trees in Aokigahara forest. As its name shows, it is a place where you can be bathed in the ocean of the forest. While walking along the path through the woods, you can breathe the fresh air, see the mottled shadows on the ground dropped by the sunlight through the chink of the tree’s leaves, and feel the gentle breeze full of the smell of the trees caressing your face, which can make you so peaceful and relaxed.


The park of Tenjouyama. You can drive the Kachi-Kachi ropeway to the top of the mountain which is interesting and convenient. The fresh air on the top of the mountain can fill your body with power and energy. There is an observatory in the park for you to overlook the beautiful views of the Mountain Fuji and the Lake Kawaguchi. So for those people who want to enjoy the overall view of the Mountain Fuji, this park is a good choice.


The Yagizaki Park. It is a big park beside the Lake Kawaguchi which has much lavender. In June and July every year, the park will be covered by the luxuriant lavender which is like a thin purple carpet. At that time the whole park will be inundated with the light fragrance of the lavender. Walking in the ocean of the flowers could be like a free therapy treatment of the lavender essential oil which can make you relaxed and comfortable. If you are busy and tired from the daily work, why not come here and try this.


The red leaves cloister. Since it is Autumn, the red leaves viewing must be one of the important part of your trip in Japan. Every year when Autumn comes, the north shore of the Lake Kawaguchi will be covered with red leaves. Walking along the lake, see the leaves falling from the trees on the lake and the water rippled which also make your heart moved. In the night, the red leaves will show its different loveliness under the light.

The time of the Red Leaves Festival: 1st November 2016-30th November 2016

The traffic route:

Take the bus for Fuji Goko or Lake Kawaguchi in Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal and get off in the Lake Kawaguchi Station.

There are three different tourist lines for different spots in the Lake Kawaguchi which are distinguished by the color of red, green and blue. The sight-seeing bus of each route runs every 15 minutes. It is better for you to make sure which spots you want to visit in advance in order to choose the line. Of course there are also the package tickets for unlimited use of each line in two days which may be more economical and convenient, and the price is as follow:

For all lines of the sight-seeing bus:

Adults (junior high school students and above) 1500yen

Kits(pupils) 750yen

For the Lake Kawaguchi bus line and the Nisi Lake bus line (the red line and the green line only)

Adults (junior high school students and above) 1200yen

Kits(pupils) 600yen

∗Unlimited use in two days

∗Can not be refunded

The Lake Kawaguchi is too large for you to visit all the spots in just one day, and the sight-seeing bus stop running at 6pm, so if you do not want to miss any spot because of the lack of the time, you can think about staying in a local hotel for a night so that you can enjoy the sunset or the sunrise there as well.

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