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Before traveling Japan , you might wonder what kind of Japanese foods you must try, Japanese noodle, Okonomiyaki, Sushi, Pork cutlet(Tonkatsu) except for these Japanese foods there are a lot of restaurants where you should go in Japan so today, we would like to show you some recommended restaurants !!

1.磯丸水産(Iso maru suisan)

Iso maru suisan is famous for the assorted grilled seafood and 24hours opening nationwide chain store. So you can go whenever you want to eat and anytime will be fine.


Most especially  Kani miso(curb butter) is the best recommended one! So you must try it!! And also you can enjoy more than 10 menus,including grilled shells, shrimps, squids, sashimi(sliced raw fish).



Address>> Various districts(Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya,  Okinawa etc)

Opening time:24hours

Cost:3000-3999 Yen

2.かに道楽(Kani Douraku)


Kani Douraku provides a delicious crab cuisine mainly. any districts are always filled with many people so all reservations are full for every time.


There are a grilled crab, Nabe-mono(a hot-pot dish) and raw crabs. You may haven’t eaten the raw crabs, but it tastes so nice and melts in mouth. However it’s price is not reasonable, you should try once in Japan!


The course will come with various dishes like this.

You should go eating the crab cuisine, and also you can choose one that you like then let’s try it!!


Address>> Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido etc. Shinjuku area: 3-14-20, shinjuku-ku, tokyo

Coat:6000-7999 Yen

3.ホルモン焼肉―幸永(Grilled tripe-Kouei)


Horumon yaki-Kouei is a shop that specializes in a grilled tripe, it is every time crowded with people so even if it is weekend midnight many customers  are still there and enjoying meals. And shop manager is korean residents in Japan, so there are not only japanese meal but also korean meal.


Kiwami tripe is most famous meal of Kouei, every time customers visit hare they always order this meal.


They choose high quality japanese indigenous beef. Of course, It tastes so nice and also the price is not too expensive than other shops. If you want to eat Yakiniku(the japanese grilled beef), you must visit here!


Address: 2-4-11, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, tokyo(the head shop)

Traffic:Walk 1 minute from exit A1 of east shinjuku station.

Opening time:Mon-Fri (17:00-5:00)Sat, Sun, national holiday (11:30-5:00)

Cost:4000 Yen~

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