Wide sky, the vast nature at the moment, as well as in front of Mount Fuji majestic. Paragliding is one of the most exciting activities in the region. Japan’s most majestic mountain, Mount Fuji, is a stone’s throw away, which is different from the view on the ground.


Paragliding experience
Para-gliders are usually mainly composed of airfoil umbrella, umbrella rope, strap system and operating system composed of four parts. To facilitate the paragliding custody, carrying and transport, each para-glider is also equipped with a back-type bags. Driving paragliding, running off in the hill, in the air travel, dialogue with the mountains, shaking hands with the white clouds! Body and mind into the nature and full of challenges and exciting experience!


Paragliding looks like it is difficult, but “Asagiri Paragliding School” for beginners can be prepared to enjoy the fun paragliding tutorial. Even those without any experience, simply through the “experience of flying” to accept the basis of class, the day can challenge short-range flight. In addition, to participate in “double flight”, and coaches with the ride, you can fly to a higher position. Carrying a para-glider down the gentle slope down the run-in, unconsciously between the body floating in the air. This is a special experience that can only be felt here, while enjoying the air walk in the vast sky of Mount Fuji.


What needs to be prepared?
1. Please wear long-sleeved, trousers and sneakers that completely cover your wrist and ankle
2. Recommended to wear ankle shoes and other hiking shoes to participate.
Even wearing contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses can fly, but may fall off in flight.

Meals such as curry rice are available for free


Asagiri Paragliding School
Official website: http://www.asagiri-para.com/
1. Address: 282-1 Nehara, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka
2. Tel: 0544-52-1031
3. Transportation guide
A: Take the Fujiyama Pear Bus: When you come from Kawaguchiko, take a bus bound for Shin-Fuji from Kawaguchiko Station (9:08 am) for about one hour and arrive at “Asahigahara Bus Stop” (10:03) Get off, walk 5 minutes;
B. From JR Shin-Fuji Station: Take a bus bound for Kawaguchiko for about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Shin-Fuji Station (9:45 pm) and get off at “Asahikahu Bus Stop” (10:52 Arrival) , 5 minutes walking distance;
C. By bus, about once every 2 hours. Please refer to the following website ⇒ http: //bus-en.fujikyu.co.jp/get-on-bus/;
3. It is sometimes necessary to confirm the departure time without prior notice.

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