“Torii” is at the entrance of the shrine that you will see it before you entering the shrine. Where there is a “Torii” there is a shrine, as it means the a divide between God and Human. When you get into the “Torii”, you have stepped into the world of God. You must be careful to your behavior as same as you can not talk in the Temple.(Some place you can see trees surrounded by white paper, these tress are deity trees). The majority of the“Torii” is built on the land, but it is also built on the water. Now let me introduce three shrines in Japan which are built on the water called superb view.

1.“Itsukushima Jinjia Shrine”

“Itsukushima Jinjia Shrine”stands on the sea like “a big bird”, is the symbol of Miyajima. It has a long history more than 1400 years that the shrine is written on the World’s cultural heritage.




Address: 739-0588 広 Island Prefecture, Miyajima-Cho, 20th 1 − 1

Phone: 0829-44-2020 (0900-1600)

Official website: http://www.itsukushimajinja.jp/index.html (Japanese and English)

Access: tram JR West Japan “Miyajima station”; Hiroshima Electric Railway “radio and television miyajimaguchi”


2.Shiga-“White shrine”-the oldest shrine in Omi

There are about 300 “white shrine” in Japan, and the “white shrine”.

Okishima is the background, like a bird-house floating on the Lake Biwa, it is also known as “Itsukushima of Omi”.





Address: 520-1122, Shiga Prefecture Takashima city TI Si chuan 215

Phone: 0740-36-1555 (0900-1600)

Official website: http://shirahigejinja.com/(Japanese only) Access: Kyoto station, take the JR Kosei line, in the “Jiang Gaodao station” off.

(40 minutes drive) from “near Jiang Gaodao station” for about 40 minutes on foot or by taxi for about 5

3.the Ibaraki Prefecture—“Oarai Shinkyo Shrine”

“Oarai Shinkyo Shrine” is located near the coast of the beautiful Oarai. It was created at the year of 856. It is not only a historical shrine, but also a well-known “Sunrise Kamiiso Torii”  in hundred selected beauty in Japan.You can take the tram about one hour to arrive at Ibaraki, the traffic is very convenient.




Address: East Ibaraki-gun Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-1301 Angeles hamacho 6890

Phone: 029-267-2637 (0900-1600)

Officialwebsite:http://Oarai-isosakijinja.or.jp/Jinja/honden.html (Japanese only)

Access: from the Oarai Kashima line “washing station” 2.5km

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