Visit to Japan, of course you need eat the local noodles. For example, Kansai Ramen and Kanto Ramen are very different in taste. Kanto Ramen soup is thick and heavy taste. Kansai is relatively light. In addition, depending on the type of noodles, miso ramen noodles,Pork ramen noodles, salsa oil noodles, fish-mediated noodles, salt taste ramen, a variety of dip, oil, etc.



Maruichi founder who is known as the father of Mr. Yamagishi, died in Tokyo in 2015, at the age of 80 years. At 1961 in the East Ikebukai open Maruichi noodle shop, the first soup and noodles will be eaten separately.


“つ け 麺 (tsu-ke-men) is a branch of ramen. Generally, noodles are usually used as noodles, but the “tsu-ke-men” is to separate the noodles from the soup by using “dry and wet separation”. “つ け 麺 (tsu-ke-men)” is very simple to eat, chopsticks with noodles into the soup over a little, and then the entrance to food.

The sauce is made from pork bones, fresh chicken, dried sardine, dry carp, kelp on for 15 hours. Then add chili oil, miso, salt and fish to make different tastes. Ingredients include bamboo shoots.



2) Noodle housing Musashi

Noodle Musashi is a chain of ramen shop, has been Japan’s TBS television vote for one of the four kings of ramen! Mainly to eat ramen and dip, but there are rice and snacks. white, red and black three, that is, dolphin soup, dolphin meat, spicy oil soup and black garlic oil base. It is a Japanese traditional recipe for the sake of the best effect. It is served with special noodles and thick body. It is specially designed to make it easy to hang soup and long. The time is maintained at room temperature. “Musashi noodles”, two pieces of plump meat, thick sauce of soy sauce, the perfect candy, similar to buckwheat noodles, just look at the photos are coveted.


(Shinjuku shop)
Address: K1 Building 1F, 7-2-6 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access: Take Oedo Subway Oedo Line and get off at Shinjuku West Exit and walk for 5 minutes.
Business hours: 11: 00-22: 30
Tel: + 813-3363-4634
Official website: (Japanese only)

3) Ramen Jiro


Ramen Jiro is characterized by a large amount of rough noodles, oil pork, soup is also oil and concentrated, and each branch of the noodles, soup, meat, etc. Most of the taste is different, it should be said that no one is with the other exactly the same.

(Free more 6bean sprouts, garlic, lard, soy sauce, spicy oil, etc.)

7 original ramen




Popularity noodle shop – Rokulinsha. Heard at least 1 hour before queuing up into the store. There are two branches, one in Tokyo Station, and the other on the 6th floor of Solamachi Shopping Center. Osaki shop in 2010 due to business is good, by nearby residents protest, now only weekly Saturday business day.


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