Recently, super popular Lobster burg [Luke’s Lobster], from New York came to Omotesando in Tokyo, it is also popular in Japanese. Crispy bread with a full lobster meat and sauce, when you put it into your mouth, you will know what is called satisfy. In China, Lobster is considered to be superior ingredients, but in North American Atlantic Ocean, there are many ingredients of this area. One of the most prestigious is the Maine lobster. [Luke’s Lobster] ‘s popularity in Tokyo is the same as in the United States, the lobster is delivered from Maine.



Bread size is the same, only difference is that components of the lobster. If you order a lobster+crab burg, you will get a half lobster burg and half crab burg. The bread weight is the same as usual size. If you are a girl, regular size is enough.


After eating, you can go shopping in Omotesando, wish you have a nice day!


Add: 6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya district, Tokyo

Operation time:11:00-20:00


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