2017 has been a few days. Japanese New Year also went to the temple worship, the Japanese called “Hatsumode” (は つ も う で), which means that the first year of the year’s visit to pray for the next one year are smooth and safe. You are not yet to the beginning of it? Today, we will introduce the activities held at the beginning of January 29 – the Tokyo National Museum to commemorate the beginning of the new year.

The National Museum of Tokyo started in Japan in 1872, and is the oldest museum in Japan. The total number of cultural relics in Japan is 11.6 thousand pieces. The quality and number of cultural relics are the highest in Japan (up to 2016 The end of March). The total number of cultural relics displayed at the comprehensive cultural exhibition (permanent exhibition) is about 3000 pieces.


National treasure “shoulinjibiofu(left only)” Hasegawa Azuchimomoyama· 16th century 【Display period: 1/2~ 15 】


National treasure “senmenhokekyosashi” (Heian period) 12th century 【Display period: 1/2 ~ 1 / 15】


Nihonbashi-yukihare Utagawa Hiroshige Brush The Edo period · Ansei 3 years (1856) 【 Display period: 1/2 ~ 1/29 】


Toriniesaoagerudanjou Suzuki Harunobu  Edo period · 18th century 【Display period: 1/2 ~ 1/29 】

Activity Name: Hatsumode museum
Place: Tokyo National Museum
13-9 Ueno Park,Taito, tokyo
Period 1/2 – 1/29
Pilot hours: 9: 30 ~ 17: 00
※ Friday Saturday, close on 20:00 (except special exhibition)

※ The final entrance is 30 minutes before closing

10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station Park Exit or JR Oriole Station South Exit

15 mins walk from Tokyo Metro Ueno Station, Nezu Station, or Keisei Ueno Station on Keisei Line.

TEL 03-5777-8600 (English) 03-5405-8686 (English)

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