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Japan – a beautiful country to harmonize with fashionable and traditional features. The citizens here is renowned for their high-quality characters and their customer service is world-class for sure. Moreover, Japan is well-known for its highly-cleanliness and a fusion of unique cultures that attracting visitors every year. You are invited to join us as one of the Japan-lovers!

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However, even you are Japan-lovers, you do got some troubles while visiting this country.

外國遊客的困擾,外国游客的困扰,a foreign tourist that needs help

Japan Tourism Agency released a new survey “2016 Tourists Perception on Environment and Facility of Japan”, which mentioned some troubles that tourists always come across while their stay in Japan, and here is the summary.

  1. No Wifi available (6%)
  2. Cannot communicate in English in most of the spots (35.7%)
  3. No multi-languages signs for tourists (20.2%)
  4. No multi-languages maps or guide-book available (18.8%)
  5. No information about discount or event tickets (14.9%)
  6. No clear information about the use of transportation (14.8%)

To say it easy, most of the troubles is about language-barriers. So, here is the reason you should download tripla App – the best App help you to solve any kinds of language-barriers during your trip in Japan.

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For trouble one, tripla App can help you rental wifi-box, although it costs some money. However, it is better than you have a phone but no internet at all, because internet help you solve at least 50% problems during your stay in Japan. Then, tripla App’s powerful function can cut another 50% for you.

免费使用WiFi foreigners-discontent-wifi外國遊客需要免費WiFi,外国游客需要免费WiFi,foreign tourists need free wifi

The most powerful function for tripla App is they provide one-to one chat service with your language. At this moment, tripla provide Chinese, Korea and English, and Japanese service. With tripla, you can chat with our professional concierge in your language and ask any questions before or while you are traveling in Japan. You can ask anything from making reservations at restaurants, tours, activities, buying tickets for you and even get directions when you get lost.

We are tripla App that provide one-to-one Chat Service. Our team can help you solve any kinds of language barriers during your stay in Japan.

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Welcome to download tripla!

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