Many visitors visit to Japan , I believe will not miss the opportunity to shopping. Unfortunately, tourist attractions are generally sold are some of the local special souvenirs or specialty food, choice is very small. The large shopping center will be relatively far away from the tourist attractions, visit after the end of many shops have also been closed! If there is a place, both to meet your “crazy shopping desire” while allowing you to have a pleasant sightseeing experience, you will not heart it?
This place is the [Venus Castle], just the name has been enough to dream it! It is a large shopping center built on the basis of medieval European classical street style. Opened in December 2009, while the third floor of the store launched a grand 23-area Tokyo, the first “city-type Outlets.” In such a beautiful environment, in addition to shopping, you can also enjoy the fantasy exhibition.
Event description: imitation medieval European street Venus Castle will show you the story of the fairy tale world. You will feel transformed into a fairy tale hero in the wonderful fun.
Creative company 【NAKED inc.】 Unreal screen and the real world, for you to create Venus Castle unique one of the “theater” experience space.

1. Water Plaza show – the beauty of melting
Connected to all the video, lighting and decoration, hanging on the ceiling of the story projection projection of the thick book of the magic show.

2. Story of the Entrance – Story of the World
As a story to the world, the establishment of a huge book. Boulevard ceilings and story stories unfold from the entire space of the book.

3. Frozen Street – Ice town
Projection Frozen streets similar to the glass exterior.

4. Dream light show
Indicator bulb filament style market is located in the snow world, nostalgic atmosphere of the story.


Time: November 3, 2016 – mid – March 2017
Venue: Venus Castle, 1-3-15, Qinghai, Jiangdong District, Tokyo
Activity fee: free of charge
Official Website: http: //
Transportation: Haneda Airport bus (direct access to more and mixed mode of transport, if there is any do not understand, welcome to download our travel assistant software tripla consulting)

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