Kimono is Japan’s national costume, even in modern Japanese society, still maintained in a particular occasion wearing a kimono to attend the tradition. Kimonos as the Japanese traditional culture, one big pride, carrying the Japanese nation’s pursuit of beauty and adherence to the tradition. High taste of the texture, elegant and chic design, colorful colors, exquisite designs, put it later, every one of the women can show their dignified and elegant temperament. This makes the kimono not only by the Japanese women’s favorite, but also by the girls from around the world’s vision.


Since traveling to Japan, if you can wear one beautiful kimono, a pair of clogs foot shoes, hand-carry an exquisite small package, walking in a traditional Japanese street, it will be What a beautiful picture! If this one good picture can also be saved through the form of photos forever, it is more perfect.


Today we recommend you a good place, located near Asakusa name of cherry kimono rental shop, here not only to rental kimono, and there are specialists to help you wear clothes to do hair, but also help You can take pictures of the sky tree and Sumida River as a background. Of course, you can dress yourself up and go out and go to Asakusa to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of Asakusa in a brand-new look. Just return before 5pm on the same day. Interested friends quickly make an appointment it!


Price (November Special):

Child Female 3 years old to 12 years old / person 3,672 yen Original price 4,212 yen
Children Men 3 years old to 12 years old / person 3,672 yen Original price 4,212 yen
Women over 13 years old / person 3,980 yen Original price 5,292 yen
Men over 13 years old / person 3,980 yen Original price 5,292 yen
Commemorative photo shoot / group 1,080 yen We look at the roof of the building where this shop is located
Kimono, socks, small bag, headgear, long shirt (October ~ May) Rental: kimono, base coat, belt,

Reservation deadline: Due to the reservation system, you need to make an appointment before 5 pm on the day before your arrival.

shop time: 9:30 ~ 16:30

Time required: 10 minutes for kimono, 10 minutes for hair style, plus a selection of kimono for about 30 minutes

Final return time: 17:00 the same day

Address: 3-5F, Hanagawa-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6894-1511

Reservations can be made by phone or online booking, if do not understand the Japanese inconvenient to make an appointment with the small partners can download our tripla APP, we free to help you make an appointment.

welcome to download tripla!

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