In July, Japan will enter the fireworks season. The early season fireworks will beginning from July 15 to the end of August, “the Japan three fireworks” will use light scene mode bloom in the night sky in central Tokyo, light colors depicting a colorful fireworks.


The venue is Tokyo Midtown lawn. The General Assembly by a large offering Nagaoka fireworks, fireworks National Assembly and athletics Tsuchiura National Fireworks Athletic Conference of joint collaboration, during the General Assembly of the respective sub-period vaunted program offer. At the meeting with 8 meters high, 30 meters wide, about 60,000 bulbs watchtower with light and sound to express the scene of firework.

During the performance of the Assemblies, from July 15 – 31 is the big fireworks festival at Nagaoka, from August 1 to 14 is fireworks National Athletic Conference, from August 15 to 28, is Tsuchiura National Fireworks athletics meeting.

The fireworks show is assigned  from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm, performed three times in one hour, one time 6 mins. The General Assembly, in Tokyo mid town hall will showcase about 15 species all over the country 450 chimes.

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